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Product Description

* Kennel for dogs in varnished pinewood.
* Tequila, a safe and comfortable shelter for your 4-legged friends.
* Ben raised for added insulation from the ground, thanks to waterproof
non-slip feet.
* The whole of the shelter structure is characterized by a high degree of
impermeability: the roof is covered by a particular paint that makes
insulation and weather resistant, the walls are waterproof thanks to a
special treatment based on ecological water-based paints.
* Tequila, is easy to assemble and clean, the entire hotel is easily folded, so
you can completely clean the base and the inside of the kennel.
* The door, reinforced by a profile in anti-bite steel, is designed for the
installation of non-toxic PVC door.
* A rack positioned on the back, guarantees optimal ventilation of the
* Finally, the platform, presenting an increase in the central part of the
kennel, for the maximum comfort of the dog in case of water seepage.


* 78 X 57 X 66