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Wooden kennel for outdoor use. The kennel is absolutely waterproof, the wood is
treated with waterproofing paint for a super durability!

A beautiful and comfortable kennel, of excellent appearance and full of details
that make it an excellent investment and a pleasant place to rest for your dog.

The roof is subjected to a special treatment, through a water-based painting
with ecological water-based substances that make it:

– water repellent

– resistant to sudden changes in temperature

– harmless to the health of the dog

– durable and intact in the structure for a long time

Waterproofed Water-Coated Wood Cladding

Tequila Kennel Overturning
[https://www.animalmania.it/vendita/img/cms/Fop/Tequila%201.jpg] Easy to
assemble and clean, the entire structure is easily foldable, in this way you can
completely clean the base and the inside of the kennel. The feet are made of
POLYCARBONATE, thus ensuring excellent insulation from soil moisture.

At the rear there is an air vent with grill Tequila Kennel Ventilation Grid
[https://www.animalmania.it/vendita/img/cms/Fop/Tequila%204.jpg] to improve air
circulation inside the kennel.

Finally, the door profile is reinforced with anti-bite steel coating, and is
prepared for the installation of the optional PVC door. Optional door in PVC

The platform has a rise in the central part of the kennel as an aid in the event
of water infiltrations. Central Riser and Optional Mattress


Dimensions: 122 X 93 x 95 cm (overall dimensions)

Dimensions: 106 x 75 x 95 cm (internal space)

Dimensions: 50  x 35 (access door)


Priest thickness: 1.9cm