PRO PLAN Small & Mini Puppy with OPTISTART Rich in Chicken


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A complete dry food scientifically formulated for small and mini-sized puppies.

To help puppies get the best possible start in life, Purina vets and nutritionists have developed PRO PLAN® PUPPY OPTISTART®. Based on colostrum, OPTISTART® helps support puppies’ natural defenses which helps them to combat daily challenges.

This complete dry puppy food has been specially formulated for dental care. It also helps support long-term health, joint health, and helps support natural defenses. It contains all the nutrients puppies need to help them grow into a healthy, happy adult dog.

Our delicious puppy food with high-quality ingredients and Chicken as the No.1 ingredient offers a great taste that dogs and puppies will love.

This dry puppy food is also suitable for Gestating and Lactating female dogs.

Small & Mini Puppy with OPTISTART Rich in Chicken

700g, 3Kg