PRO PLAN Small & Mini Adult 9+ with OPTIAGE Rich in Chicken 3Kg


A complete dry food scientifically formulated for senior dogs of small and mini breeds aged 9+.

Small and mini dogs reach their golden years around the age of nine. If your smaller dog is a senior, giving him a food specially formulated for senior dogs may be beneficial. PRO PLAN® Small & Mini Adult 9+ with OPTIAGE® contains an exclusive blend of nutrients that helps to keep him as lively, alert and interactive as he can be for as long as possible. Helping to improve mental sharpness can have a positive impact on your dog’s attention span and responsiveness, in turn helping to maintain his activity levels and willingness to play.

To help support healthy ageing, protein  and fat levels are adapted to senior dogs’ needs, with a lower level of fat to help prevent them gaining weight as their energy needs reduce, but good levels of high quality protein to support their muscle mass.

This specialist nutrition also provides your ageing dog with all of the other nutrients needed for his general wellbeing and vitality as he/she become more senior, including vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fish oil which will particularly help to support his ageing teeth and joints.