PRO PLAN Medium Adult Sensitive Skin with OPTIDERMA Rich in salmon


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A complete dry food scientifically formulated for medium-sized adult dogs with sensitive skin.

Sometimes dogs have sensitive skin and the signs include dandruff and scratching – sensitive skin may be caused by the food they eat.

PRO PLAN® DOG Medium Adult Sensitive Skin with OPTIDERMA® is complete dog food for medium-sized adult dogs, tailored to the needs of a dog with sensitive skin.

OPTIDERMA® is a selection of carefully chosen nutrients that target your dog’s skin, It’s specially formulated to promote healthy skin and a healthy coat. Specially formulated by our vets and nutritionists.

Our delicious dog food with high-quality ingredients and with Salmon as No.1 ingredient offers a great taste that dogs love.

To help your dog overcome the challenges of sensitive skin. Try PRO PLAN DOG® Medium Adult with OPTIDERMA® and see what difference it could make to your dog.

Medium Adult Sensitive Skin with OPTIDERMA

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