PRO PLAN Medium Adult Sensitive Digestion with OPTIDIGEST Rich in lamb


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PRO PLAN® DOG Medium Adult Sensitive Digestion Rich in Lamb contains OPTIDIGEST®, a balance of nutrients at specific levels for medium-sized adult dogs with sensitive digestion. If your adult dog has sensitive digestion, try this delicious dry dog food. With high-quality pieces of lamb, this recipe provides your pet with all the nutrition he needs.

Containing OPTIDIGEST® which is scientifically proven to help increase bifidobacterial for a better gut microflora balance. It can also encourage good quality stool, and has been tailored to the size and age of your dog.

The recipe contains all the nutrients your dog needs for his everyday health, supporting him through day-to-day life as part of an active and balanced lifestyle.

Our delicious dog food with high quality ingredients and with lamb as No.1 ingredient, offers a great taste that dogs love.

Medium Adult Sensitive Digestion with OPTIDIGEST

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