Pro Plan Dog Adult Salmon 10Kg


VERY AGE, YOU NEED FOOD. PURINA? Dog Chow? Nutrition 100% complete and balanced specially designed for adult dogs which helps maintain continued growth and energy needs of young and playful companions. In PURINA? DOG Chow? we understand and respect the dogs who enjoy life to active, healthy and happy outdoors: either running uphill, passionately crossing a river or taking a walk in the park. We know that your dog needs change along the path of his life, and find the power you need at all times is an important part of your care. PURINA?, with 85 years of experience in nutrition and behavior of dogs, has carefully developed the PURINA? DOG Chow? Each age range, the power you need. Our foods are tailored to provide the proper nutrition at every stage of his life. PURINA? Dog Chow? nourishes your active curiosity and contagious enthusiasm for life in a healthy way.
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