Product Description

* Nettex Summer Freedom (previously known as Itch Stop) is an advanced salve
which helps repel and protect against insects and biting flies.
* This unique formulation also contains margosa (neem) and eucalyptus and has
wonderfully soothing and disinfecting properties.


Product Features

* Preventative strategies are the key to itch control.
* Start early! Use Summer Freedom as the weather warms with a once weekly
* Soothe, sanitise and disinfect minor sores with Summer Freedom and help break
the itch, scratch cycle.
* Summer Freedom repels against new bites and supports hair regrowth.
* Weather resistant, simple to apply and will not matt the horse’s hair.
* We do not recommend you apply under fly masks as may cause irritation.
* If using product for the first time we always recommend a patch test first.
* Ideal to apply around sarcoids to help prevent irritation from flies.
* We also recommend bathing where or when necessary to remove build-up of grime
and dirt with everyday conditioning shampoo. This is kind to skin and does
not strip coat of natural oils.