Product Description

* Nettex Substi-Bute Impact Syringe contains herbal extracts, plus vitamins C &
E, giving fast and effective results with one administration.
* It is ideal to help ease minor bumps and bruises, minimising time off and
interference with a horse’s competition schedule.
* Nettex Substi-Bute Impact Syringe is ideal for all horses, from leisure
horses and ponies, hunters, competition horses, polo ponies, showing,
showjumping and dressage.
* It can be given before and after strenuous exercise to support optimum
performance and recovery.

Product Features

* Rapid natural action.
* Offers quick and effective results with one administration.
* Can be administered pre and post competition.
* Quickly helps ease soreness.
* Does not contain Devil’s Claw.

Directions for Use
Administer full contents of tube orally at least one hour prior to expected

Do not exceed 4 syringes in 24 hours.