Happy Cat Dou Poultry & Lamb


Poultry & Lamb

With poultry and lamb. Contains
no additives.

Little gourmets can now enjoy Happy Cat wet food. You can now spoil your cat with a healthy treat. The new Happy Cat wet food allows you to ring the changes on your cat’s menu. Our range now includes a wet food in the form of a duo menu: Mousse or paté and nibbles in sauce. Happy Cat wet food always contains two varieties of meat or fish – for even more enjoyment.

With our Happy Cat nibbles on paté wet food, your feline friend can start by lapping up the delicious paté and then move on to the tasty lamb nibbles. Because, when you peel back the tray and tip it onto a plate or bowl, the delicious nibbles are underneath with the delicate paté on top.

Happy Cat Duo with poultry & lamb is rich in valuable proteins and particularly easy to digest. Of course, our wet food also contains the proven Happy Cat herb mixture so you can supply and spoil your cat with natural ingredients. Happy Cat wet food is ideal for fussy cats, but it can also be alternated with Happy Cat dry food – or simply used as an occasional treat for your furry friend.






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