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The nutritionally balanced and complete CCN MAXI DERMACOMFORT 10KG is suitable for small adult dogs prone to skin irritation. The reduced allergen formula consists of a wide range of high quality proteins. Moreover, its quality is enhanced with a fusion of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to support skin health. Results have proven successful within just two months of exclusive feeding, resulting in 91% of satisfied owners! Ultimately, CCN MAXI DERMACOMFORT 10KG, available in both dry kibbles and pouch, helps maintain a healthy coat!

Feeding guide for CCN MAXI DERMACOMFORT 10KG

The feeding guide below depends on the dog’s weight and level of activity throughout the day. Make sure to follow a consistent diet; be it kibbles, pouch or both.

How else can I help my dog?

Itching and skin irritation is detrimental for a dog’s comfort and well being. More often than not, sensitive skin leads to a lot of scratching, chewing and licking to the point of damaged skin. Leading causes of skin irritation include parasites, infections and allergies. In particular, the poodle is susceptible to a genetic skin infection affecting the oil glands and can cause hair loss. Although there is no treatment, remedies such as Vitamin A, Omega 3 fatty acids and frequent baths are usually effective. In the case of infection, the vet will administer antibiotics and antifungals.

Dogs can also be allergic to food such as chicken or beef. It is always best to get your vet’s approval before serving your dog certain foods. If need be, amend your dog’s diet according to your vet’s advice. You can also prevent skin irritation by bathing your pet frequently using a soothing shampoo, particularly those with oatmeal and aloe. There are several shampoos specifically for sensitive skin.

When to contact the vet?

  • If you notice hair loss, redness, sores or scaly skin.
  • In case the skin becomes progressively itchy.

Skin itchiness might be a sign of an underlying issue pertaining to your dog’s health. Always make sure to perform frequent checkups. The vet might be able to locate any issues and rectify them before they spiral out of control.

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