With Deo Pearls Walk in the Forest you can refresh your cat’s litter tray at
your own discretion and as often as you like. Immerse yourself in our world of
fragrances and allow yourself to be charmed by a natural combination of fresh
grass, spruce needles, eucalyptus, clove and a hint of musk. Walk in the Forest
puts you in a blissful mood, and you’ll feel like you’re taking a leisurely walk
in the forest surrounded by the familiar smells of nature. Deo Pearls Walk in
the Forest stand out with its AromaProtect Formula™. This reliably captures
unpleasant odours and releases our pleasant Walk in the Forest fragrance. As a
result of this, the Biokat’s AromaProtect Formula™, developed by our experts for
cat hygiene, provides for sustained odour binding! Deo Pearls Walk in the Forest
also strengthen the clumping action and therefore enable you to use your normal
cat litter for longer. Recommended dosage: Sprinkle over the litter as required.

* Made in Germany
* Aroma Protect Formula™
* Hygiene
* Additive for cat litter
* Natural clay
* Fine grain
* With fragrance