All Meat Adult Sterilised Veal & Lamb


All Meat Adult Sterilised Veal & Lamb

A tasty complete feed that is ideal for neutered cats

Happy Cat All Meat Adult Sterilised Veal & Lamb is ideal for adult, neutered cats. After neutering, pets need a food with an adapted energy content. It is not only your cat’s metabolism that changes. They often become much calmer. The tender, juicy chunks in the Veal & Lamb variety will spoil your four-legged friend while ensuring that she has everything she needs for a long and healthy life.

Happy Cat All Meat Adult Sterilised Veal & Lamb is prepared with tasty veal and lamb. This tasty and balanced food provides the ideal base for a long, healthy life for your cat. Happy Cat All Meat is rich in high-quality proteins and particularly easy to digest. High-grade safflower oil supplies valuable omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for a beautifully glossy coat. The plant-based ingredient Yucca can help to reduce stool odour – a massive plus point for indoor cats. Valuable herbs complete the delightful menu. And of course our practical, easy-to-open pouches contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

The new Happy Cat All Meat Sterilised Adult Veal & Lamb contains everything your cat needs. In a trice. Simply tear open to serve and win the heart of your four-legged friend. Fast, clean and convenient. And adds welcome variety to your cat’s menu.





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