Product Description

  • Simple flat sisal scratching posts to hang.
  • A real fun for your cat that will help, at the same time, to avoid venting his innate instinct to get his nails done in home furniture.
  • It is part of the natural feline behaviour to scratch upholstery, sofas and furniture with impetus.
  • Thanks to this instinctive action, cats are able to regenerate and strengthen their claws.
  • “Getting your nails done” is also a system for highlighting your territory and leaving not only a visible sign of your passage, but also an unmistakable odorous trace.
  • Camon, a company that has always been active in the Pet sector, has designed and created solid and practical scratching posts to attract the attention of your cat and thus prevent it from causing damage to your furniture.
  • The cat loves to get his nails in clearly visible places: it is therefore important to place the scratching post in a strategic point, observing which place your cat prefers.



  • 51×16 cm


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