Delicious vitamin tablets with 12 vital vitamins – for taste-sensitive dogs!

Feeding-related vitamin deficiency can have consequences:

  • Lack of willingness to perform
  • Fatigue, lack of fitness
  • Disruptions in the growth and development phase
  • Loss of appetite, nervousness
  • lackluster, rough hair dress.

In order to compensate for such nutrient deficits, PETIVTAL VITAMIN-TABS® Developed. Especially in the case of carrying and nursing mothers, in the growth phase and in stressful situations, PETVITAL VITAMIN-TABS® Indispensable. They are characterized by:

  • very high taste acceptance
  • to compensate for nutrient deficits
  • especially for pampered animals

– 100g (approx. 50 tablets)

Composition / Ingredients / Additives:
Composition: Yeast, monocalcium phosphate, cocoa, cellulose, calcium carbonate
Ingredients: 2.7% crude protein, 1.1% fat content, 19.7% crude fiber, 5.0% crude ash
Nutritional additives per kg: 660,000 I.E. vitamin A, 258mg vitamin B1, 172mg vitamin B2, 128mg Vitamin B6, 2,052mcg Vitamin B12, 10,000 I.E. Vitamin D3, 11,675mcg Vitamin H (Biotin), 66mg Vitamin K3, 2,640mg Alpha-Tocopherolacec, 330mg Calcium D-Panthothenate, 1,320mg Nicotinic Acid, 2,200mg Ascorbic Acid
Recommended feeding per animal per day:
1 tablet per 10kg body weight
1 tablet daily
Simultaneous administration of vitamin D2 is not permitted.
The specified feeding recommendation must not be exceeded.